This is the August 16, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:10 VICE News attends a Trump Rally with head of the NH Young Democrats, Lucas Meyer. While at the rally Lucas will talk to Trump supporters about is what kind of anxiety are they feeling about the state of affairs in this country and why does Trump make them feel better.

8:10 The Taliban and the US are close to an agreement that would open talks between the Taliban and Afghan government. These negotiations have long been seen as the final step to a peace agreement and withdrawal of US soldiers.

11:50 VICE News meets Essence of Time, a pro-Kremlin, Stalinist group which is encouraging this startling historical revisionism, and visits the city which has controversially unveiled a brand new statue to the USSR's wartime leader.

17:30 A look at how the gruesome, violent sounds in the Mortal Kombat games are made.

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