Hundreds of families separated by ICE raids on undocumented workers in Mississippi, El Paso Shooting suspect’s mother called police about his gun, and new study links coffee to migraine risk.

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2:54 Parents Separated From Children During Massive Immigration Raids

3:24 El Paso Suspect's Mother Called Police, Concerned About Gun

5:49 Russia Tied To Dozens Of Inflammatory Viral Videos

7:38 Manhunt For 'Dangerous' Inmate Who Escaped From Tennessee Prison

8:56 Home DNA Test Reveals Father Not Related To Daughter

10:50 Washing Machine Warning After Boy Gets Trapped And Dies

12:49 Boycott Campaigns Target Brands, But Do They Work?

14:55 New Study Links Too Much Coffee To Migraine

16:11 Yankees Will Play White Sox On 'Field Of Dreams'

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