Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley REUNITE for an adorable pic and our hearts are instantly full.

But don’t be fooled... this is actually the sequel to this reunion series.

Stelena has collided AGAIN. Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley starred for 6 seasons together on The Vampire Diaries as Elena and Stefan. And it looks like their bond is as strong as ever. I mean, you spend THAT many hours making out with someone on camera… and you hope to stay on good terms after the show wraps. These co-stars proved once again that even though Nina left the show early, their friendship hasn’t faded. On Thursday Nina posted this black and white selfie of the two posing very close together. We love Nina’s joking caption just as much as we love the photo: “Excuse me sir, you look familiar. I feel like we’ve met before. Maybe in a past life?” She seems to have predicted how fans would react after seeing these two together.

As of now we don’t have a clear explanation for the reunion. But this isn’t the only Stelena meetup we’ve seen lately. Back in December we saw Nina and Paul run into each other during the NYC snow storm. Nina captioned their first reunion photo, “NYC when it’s snowing is full of serendipitous run ins and magical reunions. Like this one. #TVDForever”.

So what do you guys make of these Nina and Paul run-ins? Do you think they are coincidental meetups or planned reunions? Is it possible the two are working on a new project together? Or something else? You gotta tell us your TVD theories in the comments below! After that click here for all the deets on Jaclyn Hill’s dramatic divorce. As always, I’m Emile Ennis Jr coming to you from Clevver here in Beverly Hills.

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