Kim Jung Un has tested more than three times as many missiles as his father and grandfather did, combined. So how does one of the most impoverished countries in the world have so much military spending power?


President Donald Trump warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he could be putting their "special relationship" at risk if his regime begins to behave aggressively or abandon its commitment to denuclearization.

"Kim Jong Un is too smart and has far too much to lose, everything actually, if he acts in a hostile way," Trump said in a tweet. "He does not want to void his special relationship with the President of the United States or interfere with the U.S. Presidential Election in November."

North Korean announced Sunday that it conducted a "very important test" at a long-range missile site, which was partially dismantled last year in a step Trump had hailed as evidence of the regime's commitment to denuclearization after his first summit with Kim.

Trump reminded Kim of his commitment on Sunday and said his regime "must denuclearize as promised."

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