Norway: NATO drills draw protests in Oslo

Hundreds of Norwegians flooded Oslo's streets on Saturday, protesting against the NATO-led military exercises Trident Juncture 18 and calling for dialogue with Russia.

People marched holding banners reading 'Neighbours as friends - not enemies. Peace and dialogue go to Russia' and 'Stop NATO's war exercise in Norway'.

The protest was called for by around 27 different peace organisations.

"The Trident Juncture I think is a very unnecessary provocation towards Russia, although they say it's not meant to be but I think that's what it is," said one of the protesters, Sya Hewerut.

Another protester, Kristine Mollo-Christensen, agreed adding: "This is a threat to the Norwegian people, and we don't like this aggression towards Russia. We are for diplomatic talks rather than these kind of war exercises, war games that they are doing."

Trident Juncture 18 are NATO-led military exercises which are being held in Norway from October 25 to November 2018. The exercises are the largest of their kind in Norway and involves around 50,000 participants.

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