So is stunningly productive creativity bestowed only on the young?

According to Mother Nature Network, a new study from The Ohio State University and the University of Chicago says no.

In fact, the study reveals there are two types of creative peaks that occur at different ages.

Many people believe that creativity is exclusively associated with youth, but it really depends on what kind of creativity you're talking about. Bruce Weinberg, Lead Study Author The Ohio State University.

There are two types of innovators: conceptual and experimental.

Those who tend to do their best work in their mid-20s are conceptual innovators, whereas those who peak in their 50s are experimental innovators.

Younger, conceptual innovators are seen as creative thinkers whose ideas challenge the status quo.

They have ideas that reinvent the way a particular art or science is practiced and perceived, shifting the paradigm.

The experimental innovator is typically seen as older, one who builds on the bedrock of past great thinkers, established norms and their own methods.

These experimental innovators tweak ideas over time based on experience, reinventing themselves and their craft along the way.

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