Riot police charge and arrest protesters as they try to get to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Monday, November 18. The university has been the battleground between police and protesters as violence flared up between the two sides over the weekend.

The president of the Polytechnic University, which has been under siege in Hong Kong, said he has brokered a truce with police.

Teng Jin-Guang said it would allow the hundreds of protesters trapped inside the campus to leave peacefully.

It was the second concerted attempt by students to flee the urban campus, which has been surrounded by police who have repeatedly warned they will use lethal force.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of at least five campuses where students this week barricaded themselves in, blocking roads and collecting makeshift weapons in case of an attack by authorities. Most of the protesters had left the other campuses by Saturday, though a group of hardcore protesters remained at Polytechnic.

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