Mandatory credit: Leffest’19

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa referred to the political situation in South America, especially in Bolivia, and the asylum previously granted to Julian Assange during an address at the LEFFEST´19 film festival in Lisbon on Sunday.

Correa said that as part of a leftist transformative political processes in South America, “the only power we have is political power, people’s power” and “if you lose it they slaughter you,” before referring to the specific situations in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia.

The former Ecuadorian president called out what he described as "double standards at international level" stating that if Evo Morales wins a fourth consecutive election, he "is [considered] a dictator and Bolivia a dictatorship" while in the case of Angela Merkel, if "after 14 years she wins a fourth election [she] is a strong leader and Germany is a mature and stable democracy.”

Finally, when asked by activist and journalist Jacob Appelbaum about the situation during the asylum of Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Correa said that “I did not receive direct pressure from the United States, neither in the case of Julian Assange or in the WikiLeaks case.”