One man was arrested after scuffles broke out between British police and anti-EU activists calling themselves Brexiteers outside Downing Street, Thursday, October 31.

READ MORE: A respected British think tank slammed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on Wednesday, concluding that the economy would be 3.5% smaller compared with staying in the European Union.

The study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research says the agreement would cost the U.K. 70 billion-pounds ($90 billion). Researchers said that the outlook is clouded by political and economic uncertainty.

Researchers based their prediction on the assumption that the U.K. would leave the EU with a transitional free trade agreement lasting until 2021 while negotiating new deals with other nations. It said that higher “barriers to goods and services, trade and restrictions to migration,” would force the economy to slow.

As politicians squabble over how and when Britain will leave the EU, Brexit is reshaping the economy. Initially planned for March, Brexit was pushed back to Halloween and now is not likely to happen before January. Companies are meanwhile shifting investments, creating new supply chains and stockpiling goods to mitigate any damage that would occur from leaving the EU, with or without a deal.


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