Thousands of people demonstrated, Sunday, October 20, in Port-au-Prince, demanding that Haiti's President Jovenel Moise step down.

READ MORE: Haiti has seen months of protests sparked by corruption allegations, a fuel shortage, high inflation, unemployment, crime and what people consider to be the president’s failed leadership.

After repeated demonstrations and barricades regularly mounted by opponents of the president across major roads, many schools have closed their doors for more than a month.

Moise has attempted to respond to the protesters’ demands by reshuffling his cabinet and forming a commission to organize a national dialogue to discuss ways to solve the nation’s problems - an idea backed by the international community. But, the opposition says it’s too little too late, and they will not accept anything less than the president’s letter of resignation.

Since coming to power in February 2017, Moise has had to face the anger of an opposition movement that refuses to recognize his victory in an election. Anger mounted in late August due to a national fuel shortage, and protests turned violent. (VOA/ AFP)


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