Many residents joined in the rescue after a bus fell into a hole caused by a road cave-in in northwest China's Qinghai Province Monday.

The incident happened at around 17:36, when a road section sank in front of a hospital on the main street of Nandajie Street in the city of Xining, the provincial capital. A public bus fell into the hole and an explosion ensued, local authorities said.

Authorities put the number of death toll at nine. Seventeen others were injred, and all of them are in stable condition, according to the city government.

The city government sent more than 1,000 rescue workers and more than 30 vehicles to the site, which is around 80 square meters. The bus had been lifted out of the hole by Tuesday morning. Rescuers have found the bodies of the nine victims.

The rescue and relief work is in progress.

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VOA News 24 Feb 2020 19:48 CET

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