Russian cybercrime suspect Alexander Vinnik's lawyer discussed his client's current condition in Moscow on Tuesday.

"Alexander said the following: 'Justice or death'. He does not blackmail the Greek authorities with his hunger strike," said Timofey Musatov, Vinnik's lawyer.

Musatov stated that his client has momentarily stopped the hunger strike he reportedly began in November in order to survive until the next court hearing, scheduled to take place on March 20.

The lawyer said Vinnik was taken to a hospital and required professional medical care as his condition was "life-threatening".

The attorney added that Vinnik has been held in prison for 18 months, longer than the Greek Constitution allows, as he waits for the decision of the Greek judiciary on three extradition requests.

The former bitcoin platform operator is accused by French authorities of cybercrime and money laundering totalling 130 million euros ($151 million), using the virtual currency.

Vinnik has been held in jail since July 2017 after being arrested on a US request in northern Greece. France and Russia have also sought his extradition later.


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