In the latest episode of series '20 Questions with Vladimir Putin', the Russian leader put forward solutions to stop educated Russians from leaving the country in addition of discussing the ways to attract these specialists back to Russia. The episode was published by TASS news agency on Thursday.

Putin said the government has to do its best to keep talented individuals in Russia.

"We have just developed a vast system of grants. It encompasses not only the IT segment, but also the high-tech industry in general. And it works well. Take a look at how many people are coming in. There is an influx now," he stated.

Asked why everyone dreams of going to the Silicon Valley before Russia's Skolkovo, Putin quoted a Russian proverb "Fish tend to search for better waters, while people look for better places to live."

"Top-notch specialists and employees look for better places to employ their knowledge, capabilities, and skills. Wherever the pay is better, that is where they go. It is as simple as that," said Putin.

He mentioned two ways on how the government could hold on to speacialists.

"Either we isolate ourselves [...] grab hold of them and don't let them out," Putin said, implying at how the system worked during the Soviet Union, or "create conditions and pay better."

The president said many skilled workers had already returned to Russia after spending time working abroad.

He noted that Russian IT companies such as or Yandex are developing fast and can now compete "even with large global companies, such as Google among others. This proves there is progress."

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RT 10 Apr 2020 08:58 CEST