Footage released by the Russian Defence Ministry on Saturday shows various ships, jets as well as mobile coastal defence system taking part in drills in Southern Russia.

Missile boat 'Shuya' 962 and missile corvette R-60, as well as 'Suzdalets' submarine chaser, 'Kinel' counter-sabotage vessel, Large Landing Ship 'Azov' worked off combat operations in the Black Sea and came back to their permanent deployment sites, according to media citing Black Sea Fleet.

SU-27SM jets escorted TU-160 strategic bombers while intercepting air targets above the Black Sea.

'Bastion' mobile coastal defence system was also seen taking part in drills.

NATO's Sea Shield drills in turn were held in the Black Sea on 5-13 April.

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NBA 07 Dec 2019 22:32 CET