Even if you’re flying solo, it’s possible to get off the plane with a lot of baggage.

I’m talking about having clogged ears.

Here’s how to safely pop your ears after a flight.

It’s when you close your mouth, pinch your nose and blow air out of your nostrils.

It helps balance the air pressure in your ears by forcing air through your sinuses and eustachian tube in your inner ear.

Just don’t exhale too hard otherwise Healthline says you could rupture an eardrum.

The Toynbee maneuver is when you pinch your nose and swallow water.

These forced movements help to open the eustachian tubes.

Hop in the shower for 10 minutes.

Travel + Leisure says the steam will help thin out the mucus and earwax in your ear.

Medical News Today says chewing gum can help open the eustachian tubes.

It also stimulates saliva production which makes you swallow more.

And swallowing helps activate the muscles that open the eustachian tubes.

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