It takes skills to pay the bills.

But it’s not always about what you know.

Soft skills are just as important.

I’m talking about personality traits and behaviors you show in certain situations.

Soft skills like effective communication, teamwork, work ethic, dependability and adaptability.

The boss will love you if you’ve mastered these.

That’s assuming you learned from your first gig.

Soft skills from your very first job can translate to future career moves, according to a bunch of business gurus the New York Post spoke with.

Defusing angry customers at a retail store was one example.

A good way to do this is to listen and tell the customer they’re right.

They’re no longer on the defensive and will want to open up.

This tactic can be carried over to a more high-stakes gig.

Another soft skill from a past job at a fast-food joint involved reading people.

If you can see someone’s in a bad mood, be nice. It goes a long way.

Your career will go a long way if you can master this soft skill.

Communication is key, according to job site

Learning how to effectively communicate the who, what, when, where, why and how of any project will make you the boss’s favorite.

Adaptability is another important soft skill you should have learned at your first job.

Managers always need workers who can adapt to change.

It shows you’re up for new challenges.

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