Thousands of women took to the streets of Afrin in northern Syria on Tuesday to protest against Turkey's military campaign in the region.

Protesters held banners reading, "Erdogan is the killer of civilians" and "Afrin is our ancestors' land" as they marched down the Afrin streets 25 days after the start of 'Olive Branch' campaign.

Several female activists and politicians were among protesters with one, Hadya Mohammed, Co-Chair of the Constituent Assembly of the Northern Democratic Federation of Syria, saying, "We condemn these attacks and say if only women remain in Afrin, we will not allow the city to fall."

Others mirrored similar sentiments with Asia Abdullah, Co-Chair of the Movement for Democratic Society stating, "Afrin was able to withstand for 25 days." Women's willpower was put on display as Hevi Mustafa, Co-chair of the Executive Committee in the Afrin Region, proclaimed, "Today women decide their fate again."

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