Believe it or not, these 5 ‘radical’ policies are supported by a majority of Americans (even in red states).

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Here are 5 radical ideas that Americans, from the reddest of states and the bluest of states, can agree on.

Americans overwhelmingly support legalizing weed. According to Data for Progress’ polling, the majority of Americans in every single Congressional district want to lift the prohibition on cannabis. However, only 52 of the 535 representatives in the House and Senate co-sponsor the Marijuana Justice Act.

Our politicians are too corrupt. According to Data for Progress, a supermajority of Americans approve of a policy that would prohibit members of Congress from owning stocks, force them to disclose financial and tax information, and ban them from becoming lobbyists.

People in every single state except Wyoming support paid family leave policy that would allow employees to take up to 12 weeks off from work for serious medical issues or childbirth. The proposal, written by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, would be paid for by a 0.2% payroll tax—about the cost of a cup of coffee a week.

4. Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

If you flip on Fox News during any point of the day, there’s a good chance you’ll hear something about how those crazy socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to raise your taxes. So you might be surprised to learn that a supermajority of Americans across all 50 states support their signature policy proposal. The duo introduced legislation that would cap credit card companies from charging interest rates higher than 15%—way down from the typical 25% APR you see advertised today.

Red Flag Laws are also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders; these allow family, friends, and law enforcement officers to petition for a temporary restriction on a person’s access to firearms if they pose a risk to themselves or others. Data for Progress’ polling found the vast majority of Americans in every state support this progressive legislation. In fact, 17 states have already passed red flag laws and seen tremendous results.

The truth is, there are some issues like abortion or illegal immigration where Americans have serious disagreement. But the data proves there is more that unites us than divides us.

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