Nigel Farage said the Brexit Party plans to target Leave voting seats current held by Labour in the north of England in the upcoming general election.

"From tomorrow, I'll be out in those Labour constituencies," he told supporters at the party's campaign launch in London on Monday.

Farage confirmed he will not run for a seat in the election and will instead to focus on campaigning nationwide.

His proposed Brexit alliance was rejected by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week.

"The problem is it doesn't get Brexit done. All it does is take us into another three years of agonising negations," Farage said of Boris' amended withdrawal bill.

He appealed to the public, "who have had enough" after three and a half years of uncertainty in the UK.

The anti-EU Brexit Party topped the polls in the European elections last May and a currently polling in fourth place ahead of the December 12 vote.

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