UK: Johnson leaves Downing Street ahead of PMQs

UK Prime Minister Boris left 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, ahead of his appearance at the House of Commons PMQs in London.

Johnson faces questions by MPs in the aftermath of Tuesday's vote, where MPs voted to take control of the parliamentary agenda, to pass legislation aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit.

Tory rebels and opposition MPs united to defeat the government by a majority of 27. The 328 - 301 result, with 21 Tory MPs crossing the line, is widely considered to be a major defeat for Johnson.

Boris Johnson is now expected to call for a snap general election, planned for October 15. However, the largest opposition Labour Party, whose votes will be necessary for the two-thirds majority needed for a snap general election, has emphasised that a bill preventing a no-deal Brexit must be passed before supporting a call for a snap general election.

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