British Prime Minister Theresa May took criticism from members of parliament from across the political spectrum during Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions session in the House of Commons, regarding her handling of Brexit.

MPs from the Scottish National Party (SNP), Labour, and the Conservative Party took time to question her approach, with some calling on her to resign.

"Her customs union compromise [was] already dismissed by the European Union; isn’t this new deal just a fantasy?" asked Ian Blackford of the SNP. "Her own party doesn’t want her deal, and now even the pro-Brexit Labour front bench won’t support her deal. Her time is up."

"It concerns me, and it has long concerned me that we don’t have the consent here in this House to deliver the Brexit that is likely to emanate from this House," said Conservative MP Phillip Lee. "Can she commit towards reaching out across this House in order to bring about the vote which remains to take place, which is the choice between having a final say of the British public or a no-deal Brexit."

May stood firm on her stance that the only way forward was her deal, which the House of Commons has already voted down multiple times, saying, "There is only one way of this House ensuring that we leave the European Union without no-deal, and that is to leave with a deal, and that is to support the second reading of the withdrawal agreement bill."

She added, "I have not changed my view on a second referendum. I’ve been clear that I think this House should be delivering on the result of the first referendum."

The United Kingdom has until October 31 to find a deal which could garner support in the House of Commons and with the European Union, without which it risks crashing out of the bloc without a deal.

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