Three world's top pole vaulters took part in a specially designed Ultimate Garden Clash competition, seeing who could launch themselves over a five-meter-high bar in two fifteen-minute halves, as footage from Saturday shows.

French athlete Renaud Lavillenie, Swedish pole vaulter, Armand "Mondo" Duplantis and US athlete, Sam Kendricks tuned in from three different locations, French city Clermont-Ferrand, Lafayette in Louisiana and from Oxford, Mississippi respectively.

Lavillenie, who suggested the idea to hold the competition, and Duplantis shared the honors, beating out American Kendricks by a wide margin, with 36 apiece to his 26.

"I saw the advantages that we would all have a home-court advantage. So it's easy to say yes to such a thing. Renaud's always been such a host to me around the world that I said, 'I will do anything he says'," said Kendricks.

The event was streamed live with around 20,000 people watching the clash.

Mandatory credit: World Athletics Highlights

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