US Presidential Candidate and US Senator for Vermont Bernie Sanders led a campaign rally at the State Historical Museum of Iowa in the state's capital of Des Moines, on Monday.

"I think the overwhelming majority of people in this great state, no matter what your political view may be, do not think it's appropriate that we have somebody in the White House who is a pathological liar," stated Sanders.

"You want to be able to turn on the TV with your kids and not be embarrassed to have to rush and turn off the television because of some absurd remark that the president makes," the Vermont Senator added.

"There is too much suffering, too much greed and inequality, too much racism and sexism and xenophobia, too much Trumpism. All of that is expressed through Trumpism that has fallen onto America and is just lingering like that dirty old snow," said US Representative for Washington's 7th congressional district Pramila Jayapal.

"We don't need leaders who play with going to war. Going to war does not make you strong. Standing up and trying to bring leaders together on the global stage, that is our strength, and that is what Senator Sanders is committed to," added Ohio State Senator Nina Turner.

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