Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters rallied outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston on Monday to demand Governor Charlie Baker to reopen the state, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Demonstrators, who were not observing recommended social distancing measures, were carrying US flags and banners in support of US President Donald Trump, and were heard chanting "end the shutdown now." Few of them only were wearing masks.

A protester compared coronavirus lockdown measures to a "tyranny" and said that it was "not right."

"So I decided I could not sit back and do nothing, that I had to do what I could, what I am able to do and allowed to do for my kids and for their future," she added.

Another demonstrator, said "I think it's wrong that they are forcing us to stay at home, wear a mask, when, freedom of speech, we're allowed to wear and say whatever we want."

"In this country you should not have to wear face covering, and in this country you should be able to run your business without the government shutting you down."

Non-essential businesses have been shut down in Massachusetts for six consecutive weeks, with the closure extended to May 18 by Gov. Charlie Baker, in a bid to slow down to further spread of the coronavirus.

There are over 66,260 reported cases of coronavirus and 3,846 fatalities in Massachusetts, with 13,777 infections cases in Suffolk County, where Boston is located.


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