A day before the US House of Representatives decides whether US President Donald Trump will be subject to an impeachment trial by Congress, Trump said he is looking forward to having the impeachment hearings reach the Senate, during a press conference alongside Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales in Washington DC on Tuesday.

"Look, it's a hoax. The whole impeachment thing is a hoax. We look forward to getting on to the Senate. We're not entitled to lawyers. We're not entitled to witnesses. We're not entitled to anything in the House," Trump said.

The US President added that the Republican Party is more united than ever. "I believe the Senate is equally as well united. I watched Mitch McConnell this morning. I watched numerous people last night, Senators, and I think we're equally well united. They know it's a hoax."

Asked whether he accepted any responsibility, Trump stated "No. I don't take any, zero, to put it mildly. They took a perfect phone call that I had with the President of Ukraine, an absolutely perfect call. You know it, they all know it. Nothing was said wrong on that call."

"It's a mark on our country. And I'll tell you what: Other Presidents, in the future, unless they do something about this, other Presidents are going to have to live with this," he added.

Touching on the situation with the border wall between the US and Mexico, Trump thanked Guatemala for their help slowing down the number of immigrants entering the US and added that up to 100 miles of the wall had already been built. "We should have over 400 miles, hopefully by the end of next year, if everything keeps going on the same path, or shortly thereafter,"

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