US President Donald Trump once again touted hydroxychloroquine, a drug mainly used to treat malaria and Lupus, as an effective measure against the novel coronavirus.

During a task force briefing in Washington DC on Sunday, Trump's continued persistence the drug could prove lifesaving in the COVID-19 draw the criticism of CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond.

"You come here every day talking about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine," said the CNN White House correspondent who said Trump was promoting the drug.

"It is a very special thing. Now, it may not work. In which case, hey, it did not work. And it may work, in which case it is going to save a lot of lives," responded Trump who said the US had amassed 29 million doses of the drug.

"Only CNN would ask that question. Fake news." Trump concluded.

There is still no evidence the drug could protect individuals from contracting the virus.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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