From an e-health cat litter box to an egg-shaped Segway and a haptic screen display, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas continued to showcase surprising and innovative devices on Wednesday.

The Caremitou is a smart litter box for cats that works like a home veterinarian.

"You may measure the weight and behaviour of your animal, the temperature also. And when the veterinarian asks for it, you can also measure the urine analysis," explained Philippe Daurenjou, founder of Caremitou.

Another gadget that caught the eye of visitors was Segway's latest product, the S-pod, a ridable egg-shaped pod that basically functions like an electronic wheelchair and speeds up to 38 kilometres per hour (24 mph).

And for those who feel like they are "losing a sense of touch" with all the screens, Hap2U's haptic display lets users recover that.

The company's material expert, Soledad Commiso, used the example of a fish to showcase how the technology can be experienced.

"You have a really soft texture, if you go against the scales of the fish, you have a really different feeling. So what we are doing is we are playing with the friction coefficient between our finger and the screen. So we give a texture feedback."

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