In Australia, a 19-month-old baby girl ended up in hospital severely malnourished - after being fed a vegan diet from birth. Eating only oats and sparse veg, she weighed less than 5 kilograms, suffered major problems with her bones, and was hardly able to move.

Doctors said she had only developed as much as a three-month old, and had no teeth because of a lack of necessary vitamins.

The parents avoided jail, after a judge handed them 300 hours community service instead.

It's not the only such case. In May, a Swedish couple was jailed - after their 18-month-old child almost starved to death on a vegan diet. It also emerged that the parents hadn't registered their baby's birth - and that the child had never been examined by a doctor, or vaccinated.

And in another case - parents in the U.S. were arrested for a similar reason. They ignored a doctor's advice on what supplements to take when raising a child as a vegan.

This case raised the question of whether it is appropriate to use vegan diets for small childen. Despite the protests, some experts, including those in the American academy of Paediatrics, think, it is acceptable and can be good for kids. However, not everybody agrees.

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