Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido denounced the military "takeover" of the National Assembly on Sunday, preventing him from entering just when the President of the Venezuelan Parliament was due to be elected, a position he held until yesterday. He made the statements during a press conference in Caracas on Monday.

"The call to the Armed Forces is to comply, [Vladimir] Padrino Lopez, with what the Constitution says. It is not to decide who the parliamentarians are. It's for the people of Venezuela to express themselves," the opposition leader said.

Guaido also promised that this Tuesday he will go to the seat of the National Assembly as president to begin the legislative year.

"[We are going] to enter the Federal Legislative Palace, to be able to have a clear vote. Risking our skin, well, of course, putting our chests out. We are going to do it. Because Venezuela is worth it. Because our children are worth it. Yes, we're going to risk our skins once again tomorrow, our skin," he promised."

On Sunday, dissident opposition deputy Luis Parra was sworn in as the new president of the National Assembly after his rival Guaido was prevented from entering the building and joining a special session of Parliament.

Guaido's allies met at the office of the newspaper El Nacional, where he was re-elected as president of the Venezuelan Parliament.

Guaido declared himself interim president a year ago, defying the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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