German company 'Volocopter' flew its air taxi in Stuttgart on Saturday as members of the public watched on from the ground below.

Marketed as a "flying taxi," the electrically-powered machine uses rotors to take off and land, similar to the mechanics of a drone. Saturday's event was marketed as being the "first public flight by an air taxi in a European city."

Representative Helena Treeck explained that due to its 18 rotors, the device "can take off and land in a perpendicular way and it flies very quietly and stably through the city centre.''

Sajjad Khan, member of the divisional board of management of Mercedes-Benz cars, marvelled at the time saving potential of the machine, noting that future generations could "win more time back and they can enjoy the rest of the time for doing something else, to have more lovely time with their families or to think about the new ideas."

On its website, the company says the device is "developed for safe, manned flight in inner cities."

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