Why Squid Are The Super Geniuses Of The Sea

Despite existing for the last 500 million years, squid are generally not talked about much and when they do make headlines it's usually shock and horror stories. According to Mother Nature Network, squid are actually the super geniuses of the sea. For starters, squid and other cephalopods can overwrite their genetic code as they see fit. This is possible because DNA isn't the boss of squid -- instead, squid interfere with the code as it's being transmitted by RNA. Squid have also proved to be highly adaptable during climate change. While other species are going extinct or nearing extinction amid the crisis, the squid population is actually booming. This could have something to do with their remarkable gene-editing skills. One biologist said, "They diverged in evolution so long ago from us. They're basically the most advanced, behaviorally, animals of their kind of lineage."


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