Do you cover your mouth with your hands when you sneeze?

If you said yes— you may be doing it all wrong.

Gizmodo reports that a 2013 study at the University of Alberta in Canada, showed that whether you cover your mouth with your hands or even sneeze into your arm, there are "still left plenty of tiny aerosolized particles that capable of infecting someone."

Business Insider explains, "The researchers also lightly criticized the rapid endorsement by doctors and public health organizations of arm covering as a useful measure for cold prevention."

But Jonathan Chiang, an engineer and one of the co-authors of the study, says that not all hope is lost.

He says that coughing into your arms will at least make the size of the particles bigger "...because they have to go through a barrier and accumulate into bigger particles. And that will make it harder for the particles to travel through the air and for people to inhale those particles.”

Whatever you do, if you've got a cold, don't sneeze into your hands.

Gizmodo adds, "There’s plenty of research showing that the things we touch—whether it’s subway poles, smartphones, or shared computer keyboards—can become ridden with the bugs and germs on our hands."

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