Thousands of people took to the streets of Taiz, on Saturday, to mark the 52nd anniversary of the Independence of Southern Yemen.

"We came here today to celebrate the 30th of November, the greatness of this day derives from the fact that we got rid of the biggest coloniser in history, the British coloniser, who had the empire on which the sun never sets. We learnt a lot of lessons from this day. The first one is that rights are not granted but taken, rights are never served on a golden plate. Secondly, that unity is the most important factor to obtain these rights," said Fahad Al-Assali, an activist.

Footage shows the demonstrators marching through the city, holding banners calling for the unity of Yemen.

"This demonstration shows that the unity of the Yemeni people is not to be debated and those who have sold their nation and their dignity to harm the nation are not going to stay. Only the nation is to stay, may god be with the wounded. And long live martyrs," said Abdulaziz Majidi, a colonel in the Yemeni army.

Southern Yemen declared its independence from the United Kingdom on November 30 in 1967.

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